Dance on Camera Festival 2009

A project started by Mathew Heggem, established in collaboration in between
Dancing Films Association and also Movement Research. This event is part of
Movement Research’s Studies Project Series and enabled with the aid of DTW, Movement Research, Rebecca Brooks, Barbara Bryan, as well as Sarah Percival.

January 6 as well as 13, 2009, 7pm, Free

January 6th conversation led by Stacy Spence
Style: Narrative/Abstract and also Environments
Excerpts drawn from the following:

Karen Rose, Canada, 2008, 12m
Helenka is an unque as well as powerful dance film that follows the physical as well as emotional journey of 5 females throughout a time of Nazi program. It is a testament to their resilience, toughness, and uniformity.

Black Spring
Benoit Dervaux, France, 2002, 26m
Choreographer: Heddy Maalen; Dance Company: Compagnie Ivoire; Dancers: Simone Goris, Serge Anagondu; Producer: Heure d’Ete; Sponsors: Arte, Sinsa Finn, Derives; Distributor: Ideale Audience InternationalThe simplicity as well as pureness of the filmmaking approach is deceitful, asthe film challenges Western ideas of African bodies in movement. The dancing is interspersed with scenes of contemporary life in Africa which offer to increase recognition of the political as well as social sensitivities fundamental modern African dance.

Mobius Strip
Vincent Pluss, Switzerland, 2001, 26m
A sensual, fluid, hypnotic expedition of a “human sculpture”: the bodies of 5 dancers pass, go across, adhere to, intertwine with each various other. A video of dancing, adaptation of choreographer Gilles Jobin’s “The Moebius Strip” See clip of Mobius Strip.

Night Practice
Susanna Wallin, UK, 2007; 9m
A South East Dance as well as Youth Dance England Co-Production for Channel 4

Stacy Spence is a New York choreographer, dancer, instructor who has worked globally as a member of the Trisha Brown Company. He is a 2008 Movement Research Artist in Residence.

January 13 Discussion led by Karl Cronin and Pavel Zustiak
Themes: Power of Limits, Human/Animal Interaction & influence,
Social connection to setting
Excerpts attracted from the following

Alt I Alt
Tobjorn Skarild, Norway, 2005, 5m
A tantalizing tease with all the thriller of a thriller, shot in an indoor swimming pool with the assistance of the The Norwegian Film Institute.

David Hinton, England, 1994, 15m
Choreographer Wendy Houstoun and also direrctor David Hinton inform a tale of interweaving partnerships with a refined dance executed by playing on an emphasis thrust ahead and back in a jampacked bar.

Maia Sørensen, Denmark, 2008, 6min
Rhyme is a duet in between two females, in between the cam as well as what is caught, in between a physical world and one imagined, like yin as well as yang, both indivisible and apart.

Simon Halbedo, Nazario Branca, Maren Sandmann, Switzerland, 2006; 2:15 m A creative effort to spin the Earth.

Reines d’un Jour
Pascal Magnin, Switzerland, 1996; 28m
Six tumbling bodies on hill inclines of the Alps, caught between Heaven as well as Earth, amongst the cows as well as the citizens. When it was shown in Dance on Camera Festival 1997, this strikingly visual as well as sensuous movie triggered a wave of understanding amongst professional dancers. Marie-Louise Nespolo, Christine Kung choreographed the work and performed with Veronique Ferrero, Roberto Molo, Mikel Aristegui, Antonio Bull

Lacho Drom
Tony Gatlif, France, 1993
Produced by Michèle Ray-Gavras, this film, whose title implies ‘secure journey’, adheres to, one group of Roms after one more, from India – by way of Egypt, Istanbul, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the yearly expedition to Saintes Maries de la Mer in the Camargue – to Spain. We are transported into a community that is bound to its environment, its music as well as dancing. Never ever has a dancing movie seemed so wonderful.