Are Horror Movies Bad for Your Heart Health?

Other than beautifying your skin with the most enriching homemade skin products, it is essential to take care of your cardiac health too. Bad cardiac health can exhibit skin ailments like Edema, Cyanosis, Livedo reticularis, Xanthelasma, Eruptive xanthoma, Amyloidosis nodules or Erythema.

So while talking about Cardiac Health, what could be the effects of Horror Films on the heart? Horror movies can be terrifying for some, while entertainment for others, just like an amusement ride. A roller-coaster ride that gives a positive thrill to someone makes others sick too. So, let’s try to understand what happens when we watch a horror flick.

Horror Movies – Whether Good or Bad for Heart?

Many studies reveal that Horror movies increase the heart rate to an extremity, which can result in high blood pressure. An increased heart rate can even lead to a cardiac arrest in Heart patients. However, no scientific evidence is provided, that a movie can scare someone to death.

Again, the psychological effects become another topic of discussion. But its physical impacts are quite noticeable. Read on to know what exactly happens when one watches a scary movie.

Body’s Reaction While Watching a Horror Movie

Horror movies trigger our flight-and-fight situation, which is a normal human behavior revealed on facing a danger. For instance, if a lion appears before us, our body gets prepared to react. Our brain sends us signals to either run or fight and protect ourselves for survival.

Similarly, every time we get exposed to a threat, a flight-or-fight response is triggered, to provide us with enough energy to run away or fight back. Our Hypothalamus, also called the Emotional brain, makes the body release adrenaline in any such situation.

But the bad part is that it can result in a sudden increase in heart rate and blood pressure. It can also make us breathe faster and sweat. We can say that a scary movie can make the heart beat faster the way it does when you do moderate exercise. Hence, it also helps burn calories.

But the results vary among people. A child might get more scared than an adult. Even in adults, many would enjoy the experience while others would not even watch any horror scene at all.

I still remember that one scene of Exorcist, that scared the hell out of me. And a few others like the first scene of Psycho, that kept haunting for many days. Horror films make us scream, sweat, and panic, despite knowing that we aren’t in actual danger. But it never caused any heart issue to me like many others.


For the majority of people watching a Horror movie cannot affect the health adversely. But for cardiac patients it can be fatal, again, depends on the person’s response to a flight-or-fight situation. However, one who cannot tolerate a fast heart rate, a horror movie is not good for his cardiac health.