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A ballet inspired by Barack Obama’s speech “The Audacity of Hope” inspires a film adaptation. Created by choreographer Warren Adams Read more

*BALLET DE ESPANA/Corella Ballet
A documentary on the creation and development of Angel Corella’s Ballet de Espana in Segovia, Spain, his native country, as directed and produced by Gerri L. Gagnon. See clip. Contact: Gerri Gagnon

A journey through the life of Latin dance legend, Pedro “Cuban Pete” Aguilar (1927-2009). A rhythmic pattern will thread the story, fusing the dramatic scenes with intimate conversations, vintage footage, collected photos and reenactments. In many instances, the interviewees and Pete tell the story, the dramatic scenes take us into a time warp with rhythmic transitions keeping the viewer in step with Pete’s life “en clave.” Produced by Craddock Management LLC and TVA Productions, LLC and Producer/Director/Editor Miriam Machado-Luces.

*JACK COLE: JAZZ (1911-1974)
A co-production of Annette Macdonald with the Culver City based company Timeline Films. In the late 30’s, Jack Cole changed the face of dance in musical theatre. He is the genius behind the sultry presence of Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, and Betty Grable. Jerome Robbins (Vanity Fair, December 1984) wrote that “Jack Cole’s contributions were so far-reaching that without him present day theatrical dancing would not be the same. He was outrageous, stunningly so. Everyone teaching jazz dance today teaches much of what Cole founded and codified.”

Directed and produced by Melinda Songer Soderling and Kurt Soderling, this powerhouse of a documentary includes some of Hollywood and Broadways most talented and successful dancers, performers and choreographers. Be a part of this incredible journey into the amazing world of commercial dance. Click here

A documentary by Evann Siebens being made in collaboration with Jennifer Fisher whose eponymous book was published by Yale University Press in 2003. The film will explore the history of The Nutcracker through archival and new footage, in addition to posing the theory that the ballet has became woven into the fabric of North American culture by becoming a Christmas ritual. As an example of its popularity, Kultur sells 8 video versions of this ballet. Contact

*CHANNELLING MARTHA, a portrait of Richard Move 
This documentary film by Talal Al-Muhanna brings to the fore the magic and mystery, humor and heart that lay behind New York-based performer Richard Move’s uncanny and spectacular impersonation of the legendary modern dance choreographer Martha Graham (1894-1991). The film weaves performance footage from Move’s popular and long-running Martha@ shows with archival images of Graham and interviews with critics and associated artists – including former Graham dancers and other luminaries of the stage and screen. An intimate portrait of a unique performer.

This short art-house dance film (approximately 21 minutes) uses dance, performance art and workingman’s movements to orchestrate an everyday ritual in time, space and soundscape of Armenia – one of the oldest civilizations in the world. “Denizen” is inspired by the film “Seasons” (1975) by Armenian filmmaker Artavazd Peleshian. Shot in Armenia and meticulously choreographed, “Denizen” applies Peleshian’s editing ideas and formal approaches. It is an art piece in itself but also a poetic homage to this masterful filmmaker and cinema theorist. The film is directed by Alla Kovgan and choreographed by Alissa Cardone and Ingrid Schatz. Supported in part by Lef New England. Contact: akovgan@kinodance.com

Robin Cantrell and Mira Cook, formerly with City Ballet of San Diego, are traveling around the world, sharing their expertise and creating segments of choreography collaboratively with dancers of all kinds. Robin Cantrell is currently touring with Battery Dance Company in South Korea, Laos, Taiwan, Mongolia and China.
The grand finale of the tour will be a performance in the First International Modern Dance Festival in Beijing, sponsored by the National Ballet of China and masterminded by the Beijing XLDT Dance Company. Additional sponsors of the Beijing engagement include the JW Marriott Hotel and the U.S. Embassy Beijing.

Award-winning director, Russian born Yelena Demikovsky has completed 17 interviews and shot over 40 hours of film in the United States and Europe. Still in production, this documentary has an unusual angle involving Nureyev’s wide influence in the dance, pop, and fashion worlds. Prior to starting the film, she produced two symposia on the ballet superstar Rudolf Nureyev, one in New York; the other in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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Efim Reznkov, Russia, ( 2006, 52m

Recalling the series 7up, TERPSICHORE’S CAPTIVES I and II presents a fascinating opportunity to examine the balance of ego and art. Created by Efim Reznikov, the director of photography for the Russian film LITTLE VERA, and written by Leonid Gurevich, the first documentary focuses on the tempestuous relationship between the artistic director of Perm Ballet School, Ludmila Pavolvna Sakharova and a teenage ballet student Natasha Balakhnecheva. The Russians have a saying “Hatred is only a step away from love.” It is this complicated love-hate relationship to ballet that is explored in this provocative documentary.

Sangita Shresthova, a Czech/Nepali dancer and scholar trained at London School of Economics, MIT, and UCLA, created a documentary on the ways in which dancers in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal negotiate tradition in an age of globalization.