DFA’s 38th Dance on Camera Festival

Meet The Artists
Frieda and Roy Furman Gallery
Walter Reade Theatre, Lincoln Center Plaza

Tuesday, February 2nd, 1pm

Meet Ana Cembrero, director of CINETICA, the director of photography and composer Jorge Piquer Rodriguez and set designer Blanca Añón to ask questions and hear about the making of this Jury favorite.

Frieda & Roy Furman Gallery
Walter Reade Theatre

“The Tiny Dance Film Series,” a collaboration between choreographer Peter Kyle and sound artist James Bigbee Garver, consists of very short and very small dance films screened in 4 darkened kiosks for an audience of one. The project evolved out of guerrilla performances choreographed, rehearsed, and filmed in Lower Manhattan’s public spaces.

Peter and Jimmy agreed to a set of tight restrictions governing how the films were made. The addition of a soundtrack is the only post-production allowed (all of the films are done in “one take” with no picture editing after the shoot) and no artificial light is used during the shoot. The tiny format and the disorienting venue in which the films are screened provide further possibility for both filmic and physical trickery. This strict manifesto encourages the filmmakers to concentrate on what they feel is useful in dance and on film: corporeal and mechanical magic. Contact: Peter Kyle, 347-218-1820; info@tinydancefilms.com.

Shorts show
Dance New Amsterdam
Frieda & Roy Furman Gallery
Walter Reade Theatre – Free

The following shorts will be shown on a loop in the lobby of Dance New Amsterdam, 280 Broadway on Chambers Street and in the Frieda & Roy Furman Gallery, Walter Reade Theatre starting January 25, 2010:

Aitor Echeverria, Spain, 2008, 9′
The sounds of daily life comprise the symphonic score of this rhythmic short about ordinary people and their juxtaposing relationships.

Javier Rodríguez Espinosa, Spain, 2009, 6′
Three men are struck by a strange ailment. Are they drunk or enlightened?

Corrie Befort, USA, 2009, 9′
A close relationship shifts as Alzheimer’s Disease develops in one. The film, commissioned by the Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (ICAM), was created as an exhibit for an online museum

Sandra Sawatzky, Canada, 2009, 5:30
A foursome sneak onto a golf course at night and competition turns to love.

Elise Mc Leod, France, 2007, 3′
Alexandre Tharaud plays a work by François Couperin circa 1670s with a contemporary hip hop dancer and body rhythm.

Town Hall Meeting
Frieda & Roy Furman Gallery
Walter Reade Theatre
January 31, 2010, 1:15pm.

An offering to the dance and film community to meet and discuss issues and needs. This meeting is open to everyone. Led by dancer/choreographer Zach Morris, moderator of the Dance Film Lab and Board member of DFA.

Walter Reade Theatre

January 29, 5-6pm
Opening reception in the lobby

January 30, 5:30pm – 6:30
celebrating the day-long celebration of Alwin Nikolais

January 31, 7:30-8:30pm
Honoring the Shorts Awards Program
co-sponsored by New York Women in Film and Television

February 2, 10:30pm
following NEW YORK DANCE:States of Performance

Mark Morris Dance Center
3 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn
January 25, 7pm – Free

Nan Melville, USA, 2009, 26M
This painterly portrait of an idyllic dance village near Bangalore offers a taste of the Indian dance style, Odissi. Protima Bedi institutionalized classical Indian dance through the founding of Nrityagram; a “gurukul” where students could dance and live in close proximity with their master guru. The internationally renowned Nrityagram Dance Ensemble continues to expand on Protima’s legacy; lead dancer and choreographer, Surupa Sen and Odissi Gurukul Director, Bijayini Satpathy have expanded the language of the traditional Odissi dance through the incorporation of choreographic techniques adapted from world dance. The Ensemble continues to push the boundaries of Indian dance and to perform to worldwide acclaim. See clip

Q & A with director Nan Melville and choreographer Mark Morris, founder of the Mark Morris Dance Group, to follow screening.

Based in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, the Mark Morris Dance Center fulfills the
mission of the Mark Morris Dance Group to serve as a cultural resource to engage and enrich the community. At the heart of the Mark Morris Dance Center are seven column-free studios with wood-sprung floors and spacious dressing rooms with lockers and showers. Primarily used by the Company and School, the seven studios, which range in size from 430 square-feet to 3600 square-feet, are available for rent to non-profit dance companies at deeply discounted rates. The School reflects the spirit of the Mark Morris Dance Group in its celebration of dance and music and offers a diverse range of classes for all ages, striving to be a center of creative activity for children, community residents and professional dancers. For directions, please see www.mmdg.org/directions.

A special thanks to New City Video and Staging, Inc for the projector and to Mark Morris Dance Center for hosting this event.

Movement Research program
Judson Memorial Church
Meeting Hall 55 Washington Square South, West 4th St., NYC
January 26, 2010, 7pm – Free

A shorts program curated by current Movement Research Artists-in-Residence Renée Archibald, HeJin Jang, Mariangela Lopez, Martín Lanz Landázuri and Jillian Peña. This collaboration with DFA, now in its second year, was initiated by Mathew Heggem.

This year’s curators put together an evening of videos that inspire them, and have created new works in conversation with works found in the DFA archive and elsewhere. Mariangela Lopez and Renée Archibald look to the beginnings of film to find original dance films that explore themes and techniques still of interest today. They will share 5 short excerpts as an entry point for the evening. Martín Lanz Landázuri has selected the contemporary film ANDA’S FILM, produced during I Like to Move It Move It, the project from Linz 2009. HeJin Jang directs and performs in one segment entitled: Talk and Un-talk to the film “Hard Told (2008)”- Embodying Silence through Media Mutism.