City Contemporary Dance Co

In a special DFA program curated by Doug Fox
as invited by CCDC Director Raymond Wong

1) “Your Skin is Woven in Mine” (2008) — 1:26 Minutes
Diesel’s 55DSL brand commissioned NYC-based Tronic Studio to produce a short film to open its fashion show in Italy. Turning to dancing real and virtual bodies, this film explores the idea that in the future, design patterns could be woven into or imprinted directly onto our skin. Techniques and technologies incorporated into this production include 3D animation, photorealistic CG doppelgangers, and high-speed HD cameras.

2) “Body/Traces” Trailer (2009) — 1:18 Minutes
Collaborating artists Lisa Parra (choreographer) and Sophie Kahn (new media artist) present a new 3D animation. This piece, originally created as a single-channel video installation, examines the body and representation through the interaction of 3D imaging, lasers, movement, sound and environment.

3) “Chandon – After Party” (2007) — 34 Seconds
A combination of live action and computer graphics were used in this TV commercial featuring a Tango-dancing wireframe couple constructed from a champagne bottle cap. Produced by advertising agency Dentsu America.

4) “En Tus Brazos” (2006) — 5:20 Minutes
A 3D narrative-based animation about a tragic accident that befalls a great Tango dancer of the 1920s. Direction and animation: François-Xavier Goby, Matthieu Landour and Edouard Jouret.

5) “Reminiscence” (2008) — 3:30 Minutes
Video artist Morgan Beringer used a variety of rotoscoping styles (tracing over live-action video footage) to capture the unique movement patterns of jugglers and movement artists.

6) “Body Navigation” (2008) — 8:08 Minutes
Recoil Performance Group’s dance installation with real-time, interactive graphics, premiered in Copenhagen as part of Danish Dance Theatre’s “Labyrinth.” Choreography by Tina Tarpgaard, and visual and interaction design by Ole Kristensen and Jonas Jongejan.

7) “Feet of Song” (1988) — 5:27 Minutes
Inspired by African music and art, UK-based 2D animator and dancer Erica Russell, who grew-up in South Africa, explores rhythms, colors and moving forms.

8) “Underscribble” (2006) – 3:39 min.
A collaboration between choreographer Jonah Bokaer and video artist Michael Cole, Underscribble is choreographed and performed using the 3D animation software DanceForms 1.0. This work addresses the multiplication of the moving human body, while erasing its presence.

9) “Mr. Fortune” (2006) — 2:14 Seconds
Tel-Aviv-based animator Eric Lerner created this live action/CG animation that features the rhythmic ambulations of the stretchy Mr. Fortune as part of his graduation project at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem.

10) “Garden of Butterflies” Excerpt From “Ballet of Light” (2007) — 1:43min
Jody Sperling, artistic director, Time Lapse Dance, re-imagines modern dance pioneer Loie Fuller’s “Ballet of Light” (1908). While in the original a hand-cranked magic lantern generated the kaleidoscope of colors, Sperling collaborates with digital video artist Roger Hanna in this updated version to project ever-changing circular patterns on to a transparent scrim located in front of the dancers. The video shows students from Barnard College performing the work at Time Lapse Dance’s 2008 season at the Ailey Citigroup Theater in NYC.

11) “TextField” (2002) — 1:00 Minute
Text Field, an ASCII-only animation, is based upon a single, continuous sequence of improvised movement footage filmed in November 2001. Each of the 545 still images that comprise the piece were generating by the Pict2Ascii software that analyzes an image and then renders it in a text-based approximation. Improvisation, software analysis and editing by Chirstinn Whyte and Jake Messenger.

12) The Prodigy’s “Warrior’s Dance” (2009) — 3:28 Minutes
Directed by Corin Hardy, this music video features cigarette packs coming to life in a club dance scene surrounded by fire. Both puppetry and stop motion animation techniques are used in conjunction with live-action footage to mimic a rave dance party.

13) “Human Skateboard” (2007) — 32 Seconds
A stop-motion TV commercial created for Sneaux Shoes by director PES. Sneaux fans are encouraged to create and share their own stop-motion skateboarding adventures.

14) “Her Morning Elegance” (2008) — 3:36 Minutes
A stop-motion animation from Israeli co-directors Yuval and Merav Nathan for singer/songwriter/co-director Oren Lavie. This music video consists of over 3,000 still photos taken during the course of a two-day shoot.

15) “Snap” (2008) — 2:02 Minutes
Anaheim Ballet, a pioneer in bringing ballet to larger audiences via YouTube, turns to stop-motion animation to capture dancers at fun during rehearsals.

16) “Trash Dance” (2008) — 1:03 Minutes (No Audio Track)
Oliver Fergusson-Taylor, then pursuing a Masters in Digital Effects at Bournemouth University, created this mixed live-action and computer graphics animation featuring a 3D model constructed of discarded materials and the breakdancing of Exlis Staddon.

17) “Anima Istanbul” (2009) — 30 Seconds
Ayse Unal of Anima Istanbul and compositor Ilhan Poyraz mimic the pre-cinema era zoetrope to promote the Instanbul 2009 Independent Film Festival. The quick-paced movement sequences were created by compositing still photographs of the actors taken at eight different angles and a combination of 2D and 3D animation techniques.

18) “Wanderlust” (2008) — 7:38 Minutes
Björk’s award-winning music video created with puppets, live action video and computer graphics, can be viewed in both 2D and stereoscopic 3D. Directed by Encyclopedia Pictura, produced by Ghost Robot, choreographed by Chris Elam.

For questions on this program, contact Doug Fox (NYC) or Raymond Wong(Hong Kong) Visit Hong Kong Science Museum

This program was made possible in part through DFA’s touring program sponsored by The National Endowment for the Arts, the members of DFA, and the Susan Braun Trust.