July 17-19, 2009

Gold Award ( $500): “And That’s the Way It Is” by David Fishel
Subject: “Cronkite Dead at 92” as announced in from the NYPOST. The most trusted man in America dies and it ends an era of “trust” in the United States. This video explores the ramifications of this news legend’s passing and the symbolic gesture which ends a news media era.
Article: News Legend Walter Cronkite Dead at 92 by Todd Venezia
Video www.vimeo.com/5671520

Silver Award ($250):“Daylighting” by Alex Springer, Xan and Ian Burley 

Subject: The uncovering of streams buried under layers of pavement creates green corridors and cuts down on pollution in cities plagued by traffic. The Cheonggyecheon stream in Seoul was covered by a road and is once again revealed as a green corridor in the midst of a city in need of fresh, natural surroundings. We were inspired to create a video exploring the contrast of these two places, the river and the road. Each serve vital functions including travel, aesthetic, and as landmarks. One dancer’s home is the road, the other’s is the river. But who is to say they cannot co-exist and converge?
Source: Andrew C. Revkin, The New York Times ‘”Peeling Back Pavement to Expose Watery Havens” article “In Seoul, An Ancient Stream Restored”

Bronze Award ($100) “Gaffe” by Marisa C. Hayes & Franck Boulègue 
Subject: The 40th anniversary of man’s walk on the moon and NASA’s failure to conserve the footage that documented this monumental event. Hollywood recently came to the rescue, lending a hand in digitally restoring footage from copies that turned up around the world. Now viewers can see better than ever Armstrong’s historic “giant leap for mankind.””Gaffe” explores ideas related to the philosophy of error and how modern technology visually informs and reconstructs, allowing viewers to perceive historical and current events in different lights. These ideas question the nature of reality and manipulation, but also the impact of contemporary aesthetics and artistic practices.
Article: News.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090716/ap_on_sc/us_sci_moon_video
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmi3mg-P2Vk

Bronze Award ($100): “release” by Brea Cali
Subject: The current economic downturn pushes the media to cover stories of obstruction and deterrence. However, we must be reminded that we are a nation of entrepreneurs and today’s successful businesses began during yesterday’s turmoil. The ability to create constantly exists; it is up to you to turn obstacle into opportunity.
Source: USA Today, July 17, 2009 “Entrepreneurial nation” by Amy Wilkinson


Finalists will receive complimentary membership to DFA so that they can enter the Dance on Camera Festival 2010 without having to pay the entry fee:

“Moonwalker Moonwalker” by Yara Travieso
Subject: The narrowing of the scope of human curiosity. In the past, we used to look up at the stars, now we only look at one star. Even as we approach the 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s first moonwalk, the ultimate symbol of man’s scientific and cerebral expansion, the media focuses on the death of an entertainer. Both seminal achievements transcend the boundaries of language and culture, but when the two similar dances of discovery are juxtaposed, we are presented with a range of point of views with respects to media and human existence.

“Tao Jones” by Christopher Perricelli
Subject: One man’s attempt at freedom. An educated single man tries his best to earn a living, yet yearns to stay centered in the awareness of his highest self. People are constantly bombarded with materialism and selfish desires that permeate the media circus. I plan to examine the Eastern philosophies and spiritual practices that are tools to live free from “the American dream, attempting to find a still center in an rapidly dilapidating corporate world.”
Article: “Former NASCAR Mechanic Talks About Battle With Depression,” from WSOCTV.com, posted on July 15, 2009. It deals with the sense of hopelessness spurned by Myer’s job lossas a NASCAR mechanic which led to his unsuccessful suicide attempt, but, ultimately, an opportunity to relocate his sense of self in the absence of a job that so thoroughly defined him as a person. The current economic crisis is forcing thousands of people, like Myers, to re-examine what success andhappiness truly means. Jason Myers is quoted in the article, “You put everything you have into your job and there’s not a whole lot of time for anything else. Personal issues get put on the back burner, and people tend to run away…”

Premise of the 48 Challenge

Every day, the media bombards us with information on everything from shoe sales to the latest in the economic crisis, obituaries, weddings, “green” innovations, stock tips. What do you respond to the most? 

Create a dance film inspired by the news in 48 hours.

Designed as DFA’s 2009 Choreographers Initiative, this challenge sets time and costs at a minimum to encourage everyone to collaborate and experiment. Surprise us with your style and imagination (any style is acceptable). Creativity rather than budget are most important!

Artists of all ages are welcome. Make your video anywhere.

* E-mail info@dancefilms.org on July 17th with the title of your video, a brief explanation of the story/photo (and what source) inspired your dance.

* Choreograph, shoot, and edit (4 min. max).

* Upload it on Dancemedia.com and put “dance-on-camera” in the tag line
by 11:59, Sunday night July 19th, eastern standard time.

Gold Award $500
Silver Award $250
Bronze Award $100

Projected initiated by dancer/filmmaker Celia Rowlson-Hall, sponsored by DFA, and Tendu.tv

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